The Satin Man


Alan Whiticker & Stuart Mullins

Then Satin Man uncovering the mystery of the missing Beaumont children was first published in 2013 updated 2015 and again 2017 .The book became a best seller. It follows the relentless pursuit by the authors and  arguably South Australia’s No 1 private investigator Bill Hayes. To shine a light on the Satin Man , Harry Phipps and his alleged involvement into the disappearance of the missing Beaumont children. Challenging South Australian major crimes stonewalling and for them to disprove the information that had been presented. Confronted at times with negativity from sections of the media .The nay sayers casting doubt on the authors motives and trying to tear down their credibility and story. Mullins , Whiticker and Bill Hayes persisted. They again presented  a complete and compelling case against Harry Phipps . Pertinent information growing ever larger. Detailing over twelve compelling pieces of circumstantial evidence that major crime could not longer discount.Harry Phipps was a wealthy businessman , connected , charming , charismatic and likeable BUT with a hidden dark side. He was an alleged pedophile living 190 metres in direct view of Colley reserve in 1966. As of 2018 Harry Phipps has been raised to a person of interest (suspect) in relation to the disappearance of the missing Beaumont children by Major Crime South Australia. Investigative journalists, criminologists statement analysis experts and profilers from Australia and overseas now rate Harry Phipps the Satin man as the individual most likely to have abducted the Beaumont children.



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This book is good recap of all the information made public during and after the Beaumont case investigations. The case is still unsolved and remains open. As a former Adelaide resident I remember the strong effect this case had on many people, a feeling of sadness and…

Review by Evelyn

May 1, 2019


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