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Stuart is a writer, researcher and co author on several True Crime bestselling books. Most notably his involvement with Alan Whitcker and Bill Hayes regarding the Satin Man uncovering the disappearance of the Beaumont Children.


Unmasking the Killer of the Missing  Beaumont Children. Stuart Mullins and Bill Hayes. 

He is also writer for Joe Bugner My Story.The only heavy weight boxer to go the distance on two occasions with ” The Greatest ” Muhammed Ali”   


Review by Stacey

After reading the book I lent it out and recommended to many to buy and read. With the son Haydn and now that poor teenage girl allegedly raped/sodomised by the Satin Man Harry Phipps. And him handing out the pound notes in the 1960s. The physical description of him....

Review by Margaret and Bill

A riveting book we could not put down . I have read it 3 times. Thorough, well researched. This Satin Man went under the radar for decades as did the clergy, the school teacher, the Rolf Harris’s of the world .We now know better. These children were charmed and coaxed...

Review by Graham

I have read the book. Fascinating indeed and it all fits.

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