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Stuart is a writer, researcher and co-author of several bestselling book. Most notably his involvement with Alan Whiticker and Bill Hayes regarding the best seller: The Satin Man Uncovering the mystery of the missing Beaumont Children.

And out soon, the much anticipated follow up book, Unmasking the killer of the missing Beaumont Children.Authors : Stuart Mullins with Bill Hayes.Exposing the Satin Man, Harry Phipps as the likely killer of Jane, Arnna and Grant Beaumont. Abducted from Colley Reserve Glenelg South Australia , January 1966 and never seen again.

 He was also a writer for the best selling Joe Bugner My Story. The only heavyweight to go the distance on two occasions with the greatest, Muhammad Ali. 

 Stuart attended the University of Western Sydney (Nepean College),attaining teaching qualifications. Utilising these skills and coupled with his passion for travel. Stuart became an outward bounds instructor on the Island of Raasay north-west Scotland. Followed by 2.5 years in South Africa as a physical education teacher. 

 He went on to work several years wit Club Mediterranee South Pacific. Then Hayman Island Resort a LHW, North Queensland Australia as Entertainment Director.  

Three years followed in Tokyo, Japan, as a recruitment consultant for fortune 500 companies.

 He is also a distance runner.Completing many a marathon and seven times a finishers of the Comrades Ultra Marathon South Africa 

He has been running his own successful hospitality recruitment company in Austraia for the last twenty years.

Best Sellers

Unmasking the killer of the missing Beaumont children

 Stuart Mullins and Bill Hayes follow up on the best selling.This new book does what the Satin Man could not.It names the prime suspect for the first time.  That individual is Harry Phipps the Satin Man.  Armed with disturbing information presented to South Australia Major crime. 

Harry Phipps was raised to a person of interest in regards to his alleged involvement into the disappearance and abduction of the Beaumont children. 

The Satin Man

 The mystery of the disappearance of the Beaumont Children remained unsolved because of the failure to identify a suspect, a man seen ‘frolicking’ with the children on a grassy reserve the day they disappeared.Also because of a lack of witnesses and crime scene evidence. This is the story of Mullins Hayes and Whitickers relentless pursuit of the truth’ AND their efforts to have South Australian Police (SAPOL) investigate ‘The Satin Man’. 


Searching for the Beaumont Children

The “Beaumont Children Case” remains Australia’s most famous unsolved mystery. The unknown fate of the three siblings has become an integral part of Australia’s urban mythology. More than any other crime, the disappearance of the Beaumont children has become one of the defining events in the history of this country.

Joe Bugner: My Story

He was the man Muhammad Ali couldn’t knock out. He faced Cooper, Frazier and Bruno in the ring. He survived press condemnation, rocky marriages and a colorful film career. At 48 years of age, he became the oldest Heavyweight Champion of the World. This is the story of Joe Bugner, one of the most controversial, fascinating and inspiring personalities in sports history.

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