Unmasking the killer of the missing Beaumont Children

Authors: Stuart Mullins and Bill Hayes

Over years of investigation and research, Mullins and former South Australia Police (SAPOL) detective Bill Hayes identified the man whom they and others believe is likely to have abducted and murdered the Beaumont children. A man who stands head and shoulders above all others and against whom the circumstantial evidence is compelling and overwhelming. That man is Harry Phipps. A pillar of old Adelaide society. A man of wealth, power, influence and standing in the community. A well-respected businessman. A family patriarch, charming, persuasive, charismatic. On the surface a gentleman, but in reality, a vicious, manipulative and cunning predator. Behind the walls of his Glenelg mansion resided a violent serial sexual predator with a penchant for deviant pleasures gained from wearing satin clothing and cross-dressing. Harry Phipps was a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing hidden under a cloak of respectability.

The investigation into Phipps was not carried out by the SAPOL Major Crime Branch. It was conducted by two men who have fought to see justice done for the Beaumont family. Unmasking the killer of the missing Beaumont children is the story of Mullins’ and Hayes’ relentless, determined and focused investigation that finally exposes Harry Phipps as the clear suspect in the most famous cold case in Australian history.


I have to say that in my opinion Harry Phipps is the best suspect that has ever been put forward in the Beaumont Case. I consider him my number one suspect in this case. This book is an essential read.  
Dr Xanthe Mallet true crime author
Associate Professor / Forensic anthropologist at the University of Newcastle NSW.
Arguably Australia’s leading criminologist.


 “This is the most credible solution to the one of the nation’s most heart breaking and unfathomable crimes. You must read this book.”
Graham Archer award-winning true crime author.
Winner of the Ned Kelly Best True Crime award.
Investigative reporter and producer for the ABC, Channel 9 and former Director, News and Public Affairs, South Australia for Channel 7.

 Readers are taken on the hunt that unmasks a paedophile predator. This individual is tracked to his lair. This serial sexual deviant paedophile is the primary suspect in the disappearance of the Beaumont children. This book should be essential for any police force library. An excellent read indeed and highly recommendable.
Terrance G. Lichtenwald, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist / Forensic Examiner in the fields of Clinical and Forensic Psychology.
Illinois USA
And recognized by Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide for his outstanding contributions and achievements

 “After decades of brick walls and failed leads, there is a prime suspect, supported by both the quantity and quality of circumstantial evidence mounted against this evil bastard that took the Beaumont children – his name is Harry Phipps. This is a must-read book”
Duncan McNab
Former detective, private investigator, investigative journalist and media adviser.
Producer on the Kennedy and Clarion award-winning Murder Uncovered series (7 Network)
Winner of the Ned Kelly Award for Best True Crime


Just a brilliant book. We now know. We just need to make it official. The circumstantial evidence against Harry Phipps is overwhelming. So, to the responsibility to know and to point the finger of blame. There are no questions. There is now no doubt. What a book!! 
Brady Halls
Investigative journalist and presenter A Current Affair Channel Nine Australia

© Stuart Mullins 2019