Overwhelming circumstantial evidence

There are over twelve pieces of circumstantial evidence linking Harry Phipps to the abduction of Jane Aarna and Grant Beaumont.

  1. Harry Phipps did fit the description of the man seen with the Beaumont children at Colley Reserve Glenelg.
  2. The man at the beach was wearing blue swimmers with a white stripe down either side. The colours of the Henley Beach Surf Life Saving Club five kilometres away.A Club his teenage son sailed at in 1966.
  3. Harry Phipps was 48 years old in 1966, however many that knew him in the early to mid-1960s described Harry Phipps as looking much younger than his years.
  4. Harry Phipps was a regular swimmer at Glenelg beach.
  5. He lived 190 metres in direct view of Colley reserve.
  6. He lived 200 metres from Wenzel’s bakery where Jane Beaumont was last seen buying a large lunch with a pound note.A pound note her mother did not give Jane.
  7. Harry Phipps was known to give out pound notes in the 1950s until the mid-1960s.
  8. He had an overwhelming satin fetish. Making his own satin dresses. When wearing Satin he would become sexually aroused.
  9. Harry Phipps was well known attending a private gentlemen’s club in the Adelaide CBD; with like-minded men dressing as women.
  10. Several Castalloy workers that were employed at the factory in the 1960s and 1970s stated Harry Phipps and  ” others ” would congregate on some weekends in the factory cafeteria dressed women’s clothing.
  11. His own son accuses Harry of sexually abusing him over many years. Statement analysis experts believe Haydn Phipps is being truthful.
  12. In late 2017 a lady comes forward with a similar story. Allegedly sexually abused by Harry Phipps in the 1970s when she was a 14 year old school girl. This occurred across from his Castalloy factory. A factory she lived close to. Note: Statement analysis expert state she is  telling the truth
  13. Mullins and Hayes were contacted in late 2018 by an individual who alleges they were sexually abused by Harry Phipps.This individual appears very truthful. Some facts they stated resonate strongly with both. Bill Hayes is following this line of investigation.   
  14. A retired senior member of the South Australian clergy  was sexually abused as an alter boy in the early 1950s . Stated he knew of Harry Phipps in pedophilic circles.

There are many more pieces of circumstantial evidence in the new publication Who took the Beaumont children out the first quarter of 2020.

The wolf has never been too far from the door