As Mullins began his investigation into Harry Phipps it soon became apparent this individual had two personalities. The public persona of a wealthy businessman, a member of the prestigious Adelaide club. Connected, charismatic, charming, persuasive. The private persona? Phipps had a dark side. A man with a peculiar predilection for making and wearing satin dresses and an alleged pedophile. Living 190 metres in direct sight of Colley reserve, Initially, the police dismissed Mullins findings. One detective informing him he was beating his head up against a brick wall and chasing his tail.

Mullins soon hired arguably South Australia’s No 1 private investigator Bill Hayes. Together with assistance from Alan Whiticker published their findings in a release of the Satin Man. This book soon became a best seller. Mullins and Hayes were relentless in their investigation into Phipps. Soon Major Crime was back on board following up their own line of investigation. Culminating in a ”┬ádig ” at the Castalloy Factory in early 2018. A factory Phipps once owned. As of 2018, Harry Phipps has been raised to a person of interest ( suspect) in the case of the disappearance of the Beaumont children. He is now regarded as the person most likely.

Mullins was indeed chasing his tail and what a tale this has turned out to be .