Joe Bugner: My Story


Born in a small hamlet in Hungary Joe grew up in a one-room cottage with his five other siblings . He never knew his father and was raised by his hard-working single mother .By the time he was 7 seven his mother decided to make an arduous midnight trek. She led her family across the border to escape the Soviet invasion. She had lived through a Nazi occupation and wasn’t about to live through another. Joe spent several years moving from one refugee camp to another, finally being shipped to England, arriving with not much more than the clothes on his back. Not knowing the language and attending a school of hard knocks, Joe was thrown into the deep end. He had to learn to sink or swim .Joe chose to swim. He quickly found sport liked him. Bugner held Great Britain titles for under 14s 15s and 16s discus. He could have become an Olympian; however, a teacher spotted Joe’s raw talent in the boxing ring. Joe Bugner had his first amateur fight in his later-teens and by the time he was 21 he beat Henry Cooper taking out the British Commonwealth and European heavyweight crowns. Joe quickly rose up the heavyweight ranks becoming the only boxer in history to go the distance with the great Muhammad Ali on two occasions. Also narrowly losing to Smokin Joe Frasier. Bugner is firmly placed in the top four heavyweights of the golden era. Muhammad Ali, Joe Frasier George Foreman and Joe Bugner. Joe went onto win the heavyweight title at the age of 48. A victory against the odds. Bugner’s tale is a gripping account of one man’s lifelong journey search for glory.



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This book is good recap of all the information made public during and after the Beaumont case investigations. The case is still unsolved and remains open. As a former Adelaide resident I remember the strong effect this case had on many people, a feeling of sadness and…

Review by Evelyn

May 1, 2019


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