Making sports history

He was the man Muhammad Ali couldn’t knock out.

He faced Cooper, Shavers, Lyle ,Frazier and Bruno in the ring.

He was the youngest boxer to hold a heavy weight belt.The European and Commonwealth heavy weight crown.

He survived press condemnation, rocky marriages and a colourful film career.

And at 48 years of age, he also became the oldest heavyweight champion of the world.

This is the story of Joe Bugner, one of the most controversial, fascinating and inspiring personalities in sports history.

From childhood beginnings in Hungary and an escape to England after the 1956 Soviet invasion, Bugner would become an imposing six-foot-four challenger, winning multiple British and European heavyweight titles and ranked among the best boxers in the world.

In 1975, he lost the world heavyweight championship and retired, but relocated to Australia and soon took up boxing again, which ended in another brutal loss, this time to Frank Bruno.

His final comeback culminated in a 1998 world heavyweight championship win at the age of 48, a victory against the odds. Joe Bugner – My Story is about far more than boxing.

It is the story of a refugee looking for a true home; of fame gained, lost and reclaimed; of family and turbulent love; of reputation, pride and regret.

Told in his own words to writer Stuart Mullins, Bugner’s tale is a gripping account of one man’s lifelong search for glory.

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