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Duncan McNab former detective, private investigator, investigative journalist and media adviser to government and the private sector. Author of over seven best selling true crime books. Together with the exceptionally well qualified and respected Dr Xanthe Mallet Newcastle University Forensic Anthropologist and Criminologist. Television presenter. She specialises in human craniofacial biometrics and hand identification, and behaviour patterns of paedophiles.

They sum up the Harry Phipps so well:

‘The coincidences have moved to fact as far as we can see. All our eyebrows have been raised since we first chatted and have been ever since. As almost all serious criminal cases are circumstantial (contrary to what TV detectives/lawyers assert) and it’s the strength of the circumstances and volume that get us beyond a reasonable doubt. Harry Phipps combines many. 

Disposition, history, the elegance of the location, the capacity to cover up (personal, social, political connections, stature etc.), the fact he’s a sexual predator (anyone is fair game) rather than a pedophile, his kinks etc., – so much piles up. And there are the boys now men that dug the grave-size hole at the back of the factory – utterly honest, capable, smart. And the poor girl that was sodomised…as we mentioned earlier.  

Harry is a predator so gender/age preferences etc are secondary to opportunism and the need to dominate…hence the manner of this assault to’

Or as Bill Hayes states:

Harry Phipps is the Hanibal Lecter of pedophilia. 

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