How the Beaumont children were taken

The Beaumont children were not taken from Glenelg that fateful day. They were coaxed by a charming, charismatic, persuasive, friendly, manipulative man.

1. The children knew this man hence they ran over to him to play.

2. This man then made it known to people sitting on a bench close by  “our money has been taken”. How could he possibly know Jane had money? As the children’s money was in Jane’s beige money purse placed inside her light blue airline type bag. If he looked in Jane’s bag while the children were playing under the sprinklers, he now has a ” hook”  The trap has been sent.

3. The man explains to the children we have no money. The children have no money to buy lunch for them and their mother. With no bus fare home. Jane could well be in trouble. 

4. This is why the children happily followed him to the change rooms in the opposite direction to their bus stop. They have no money but this man can get them some. But from where?

5. The Beaumont children arrived at the iconic Wenzel’s Bakery within 25 minutes with a pound note. However, Jane WAS NOT given the pound note at Colley Reserve by the man as no one had any money.

6. A car was highly unlikely for many reasons. One of which no car keys or wallet were spotted.T his man only had trousers a shirt and a towel. No carry bag. If he had a car he was from outside Glenelg. Therefor he must travel to get the pound note from his residence. The time factor does not work.  

6. Therefore Jane Beaumont received this pound note from a residence close by.

Enter Harry Phipps the Satin Man

The simplicity of it all.The trap set.The bait in place.

© Stuart Mullins 2019