About Harry Phipps


Harry Phipps passed away on the 17th of February 2004. He grew up in Glenelg in a house his father Frederick William Tomlins built. He remained there until being placed in care at Flagstaff Hill SA. From a young age, his mother allegedly dressed him as if she wanted a girl hence this is where he may have got his stain fetish from. Harry was married to Olga May Waters / Olga Phipps for many years until Olga’s passing. Phipps then married Daisy Ward his housekeeper, who changed her name to Elizabeth Phipps.


Harry was an intelligent man and business savvy. He opened his first factory in the Adelaide CBD making castings.


He soon bought land at North Plympton not far from Glenelg. Here he built a larger Castalloy factory still standing today. A self-made businessman. Connected with politician’s, business people and senior members of the clergy. A member of the prestigious Adelaide Club. Even back then rumours swelled with workers and managers from the Castalloy factory. Some family members, close friends and relatives that this businessman had a dark side. Things were not right with him or his son. Whispers of sexual abuse abounded. Many had said Haydn Phipps hated his father with a passion as far back as they could remember but they never sure why. That this hate was palpable. Coupled with Harry’s handiwork when it came to making and wearing Satin dresses.

This dark side became more pronounced as Harry grew older. His son finally came out and accused him of sexual abuse he experienced over many years. Backed up in 2018 by a lady that also was allegedly sexually abused/raped by Harry Phipps when she was a  young teenage girl in the 1970s. Now another has come forward and spoken with Bill Hayes private investigator as of February 2019.  The more one looks into Harry Phipps background the more the antennae are raised.  With over twelve pieces of circumstantial evidence linking him to the disappearance of the Beaumont children.


Harry Henry Phipps
Late 1950s early 1960s

A successful pedophile is an undetected one. They are charismatic, charming, caring and appear to be like any other member of society. You just cannot tell.

A wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing






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