Tom Mc Coy
May 19th 2014 Published on Amazon

Joe Bugner was a fantastic boxer, who was unfairly chased out of his own country by a unfair British press. Great read, well written, by a man who has lived a very sucessful life in a cruel, unrelenting sport. Built like a Greek god, champion track athlete, gives a good description of his important bouts. Lasted the distance with Ali, and Joe Frazier, who I thought he beat. Love Bugner’s description of his meeting of Elvis Presley! Any fan of boxing, or not will truly enjoy this book by one of the most underrated boxers of his time. Tom McCoy 20th May 2014 Published on


Good book, easy read KC state
21 July 2015 – Published on

Good book , easy read. Joe was hard to figure as a boxer. Very good in one bout, the opposite in another. His early background was interesting


Ted Midas
July 13th 2015 Good Reads

The most underrated heavyweight of any era . What an interesting life put nicely together in Joe Bugner My Story Great read .


Jacky Smarts Boxing News

May 2014 .
Great read , intriguing story . Made for the movies


Dale Maddock You Tube
I’m a Brit and grew up in the 70s and Bugner was never forgiven for beating a past it and also a because he was an immigrant.That’s amazing when you look at our sports players of today who are British? .Take care Joe some of us loved you.


Centrist Philosopher
1 year ago

For me, Bugner easily ranks in the top British heavyweights ever. He fought the biggest names of the Golden Era and took them the distance; no mean feat.

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