This book is good recap of all the information made public during and after the Beaumont case investigations. The case is still unsolved and remains open. As a former Adelaide resident I remember the strong effect this case had on many people, a feeling of sadness and powerlessness that still lingers today.

This book provides some insight into the personalities and mindsets of the various investigators, reporters and even psychics who became involved along the way.

There is interesting analysis and information provided about the historical context including the settlement policies of South Australia. It includes information about other cases involving children which provides substance to the authors well researched theories.

It was difficult to read this book without feeling immense sadness and empathy with the parents of all the families whose children go missing due to the heartless and cruel acts of others.

The book is easy to read but it is a grim subject matter. One comes away with a strong desire to see justice done.

Bottom Line

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Review by Evelyn